"Afters" is a unique sci-fi project created by Stu Levy and Sanjay F. Sharma, bringing "Heart of Darkness" into humanity's collective unconscious.  With stunning visuals and hard-hitting action, "Afters" pushes the envelope of character-driven sci-fi.  Plans for the feature include a diverse cast, transmedia production and a highly stylized world.  


  • GENRE: Action/Sci-Fi
  • COMPARABLE TO: Inception + Limitless
  • STATUS: 1st Draft Script Completed, Lead Actor Attached


When a brilliant, young neuroscientist resuscitates his comatose brother via altered states of consciousness, he accidentally unlocks the portal between the waking world and the afterlife, creating an inadvertent war between the two.


When RAFAEL finds out from his former lover and business partner, VERA, that his brother GABRIEL is in a coma, he is forced to reembark on the top-secret scientific experiment he helped start: The CHARON project.

Gabriel was the first subject of the Charon Project, a military research project seeking to network the brains of soldiers into highly-responsive, ultra-cohesive units by implanting liquid computer chips in their brains. But something went wrong, sending Gabriel into a coma.

Returning to the project, a chance meeting with a spiritual old man provides Rafael with a mystical flower -- the key ingredient needed to successfully awaken Gabriel from his coma. But doing so unlocks parts of the collective consciousness -- a portal between Life and the Afterworld.

With the technology now in place, Vera’s hidden agenda is revealed. She intends to network soldiers to build her own private army, fueling her megalomaniac ambitions of world domination. When Rafael tries to stop her, Vera mercilessly shoots him dead.

Fading in from black, Rafael awakens in the desert, confused and amnesiac. He notices a father and daughter running away from an onslaught of bullets. The father is killed, but Rafael manages to rescue the deformed child, KYLE, who leads him to a hidden cavern where others like her dwell. Rafael soon learns that this is the Afterworld, and he too has become one of these grotesque beings: an After.

The SHAMAN, spiritual leader of the group, introduces Rafael to the way of contemplation that an After must follow. Through a ceremony centered around the same mystical desert flower which awakened Gabriel, the Afters reflect on their past lives and seek higher consciousness.

But when the peaceful Afters are attacked by marauding Super Soldiers, Rafael discovers Vera and her army has entered the Afterworld, with his brother Gabriel as their military leader. Forced to face the mistakes of his past, Rafael realizes that if his former loved ones manage to obtain the mysterious flower, both worlds will be subjugated to Vera’s dictatorial will, thereby condemning humanity to eternal servitude.

In his quest to close the portal he helped open and to protect the Afterworld’s mystery and purpose, Rafael will learn to face the demons of his past, confront the ambitions of a woman he once loved, and understand the true meaning of brotherhood, ultimately learning the power of unconditional love and sacrifice.