A revealing eight-episode documentary series that searches the USA for the number one American OTAKU (uber-passionate fan of anime, manga, games, and Japanese pop culture). Each episode follows Stu and his apprentices, the OTAKU SIX (six college students that are self-proclaimed die-hard otaku) as they travel across the country, visiting Otaku Spots (locations rich with otaku appeal) and searching for the one person who personifies what it means to be an otaku.


In the summer of 2010, TOKYOPOP toured America and filmed an original reality series for the World Wide Web in the process. We took six college students on summer break and put them on a riotously-painted tour bus with show host Stu Levy and videographer Daisuke “Dice” Kinouchi.  Their mission: to scour the United States for the one individual who exemplifies Asian pop culture fandom in America.

We visited 20 cities over 7 weeks stopping by in each city to visit “Otaku Spots”, which ranged from eclectic stores to fascinating museums and tasty restaurants.

It was a wild experiment, and along the way we learn about the “Otaku 6,” meet some incredible people, and find out why American Otaku are different from their Japanese counterparts.

In Episode 8, the season finale, not only is America’s Greatest Otaku revealed, but we join the winner in Japan to tour incredible otaku spots there.  Judges include voice actress Tara Platt and anime director Hiroshi Nagahama, with a few awesome cameos along the way.