Case Opened: 20th “Detective Conan” Film Title & Teaser Visual Revealed!

Earlier this month, Crunchyroll reported on a teaser video which hinted that the 20th installment in the Detective Conan series of anime theatrical films was coming our way. Now this speculation appears to be confirmed, because a new teaser visual (below) has been released along with the official title of the 20th film: Detective Conan: Junkoku no Nightmare (“Nightmare of Pure Black”)!

Next year will mark the 20th anniversary of the popular “Detective Conan” anime franchise, and details on the upcoming 20th film of the series are gradually being revealed. Ah, how time flies.

Twenty years is a long time for any series to continue, and we’re genuinely impressed that “Detective Conan,” or as it’s known in North America, “Case Closed,” will soon be releasing movie number 20 in as many years, especially considering the amount of illustrating work that goes into creating an animated film. (And to think that the manga serial in Weekly Shonen Sunday has been going on even longer, since 1994.)

The recently released illustration (top image) features familiar characters from the police, FBI and the evil “Black Organization,” with Conan astride a horse in the center.

Detective Conan series creator Gosho Aoyama has also left a mysterious message on the site saying, “The new movie has a very “black” story, but what color you feel like after watching it is totally up to you.” Well, that kind of comment is sure to whet fans’ appetites! It’s no wonder they already sound quite excited on the Japanese internet, with a few even commenting that although they hadn’t gone to the theater to see some of the more recent films, they’re especially keen to see this one.

We’ll leave you with the promotional video that was released on the official site last month. And if you can’t wait to see more action from the brilliant detective, there’s apparently going to be another 30-second trailer coming out on December 12, so you may want to check that out as well.