Metal Gear Solid Creator Plans For An Anime-Inspiring Next Project

You can take the Kojima out of the Konami but you can’t take the passion for breaking ground in gaming out of the Kojima.

In his first year going solo since parting ways with Konami in 2015, Metal Gear Solid series creator Hideo Kojima has already established his own game studio, Kojima Productions, and started work on a new game in collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment. While the new game will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 platform, Kojima has expressed aspirations to create something strong enough to inspire it’s own spin-off products such as anime, manga, or figures.

In an interview with GameSpot during the 2016 D.I.C.E. Summit in Las Vegas, Kojima stated, “I want to make something that will have a big enough impact to become a series.” According to Kojima, this impact could lead to “something outside of games, such as anime, manga, figures; something that is rich enough to expand.”

The plot thickens from there as Kojima later told IGN that he “definitely want[s] to create something with [director Guillermo del Toro],” but added, “I have no idea what I’ll be working on with him, if it’ll be a game, a movie, anime.” The film director had previously told IGN, “I love working with Kojima-san. […] We are still in touch. We are still friends and working into doing something together, but that’s not going to be Silent Hills.”

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Source: Rocketnews24