Japanese Mascots: Why Size Matters

Whether you’ve been on the giving, receiving, or happened-to-overhear-your-roommate’s-girlfriend end, at some point in our life we’ve come across the little white lie we tell to keep a relationship going: size doesn’t matter.

From the right bag of Cheetos to well, you know… anime cup size, there are things we have found easier to live with, than to live without.

But for these Japanese mascots, the problem isn’t being to small, but rather…. too big.

Meet “Norurun”, the Tokyu train lines’ mascot, who apparently struggles to ride among the very trains that he represents. He may seem like your ordinary Japanese mascot, but this one toils more than most when it comes to doorways. Experts have had no choice but to chalk it up to size.

And it doesn’t stop with Norurun. Witness the struggle for yourself:

On the bright side, despite mascots difficulties performing everyday tasks, their fans seem rather loyal:

Source: Kotaku