Godzilla "Resurgence" Trailer Is One Wild Ride

Godzilla "Resurgence" Trailer Is One Wild Ride

by Michelle "Ms. Geek" Klein-Hass

In 2014, Hollywood released its second attempt at the classic Japanese kaiju (monster) Godzilla. The movie was both an artistic and commercial success. However, as well you know, Godzilla originated at Toho Studios in Japan, and Toho took the success of the Hollywood film as "challenge accepted," and began feverishly planning a new Godzilla film of its own. Their not-so-secret weapon? Animator, Writer and Director Hideaki Anno. 

Anno has been a fan favorite for quite literally decades now. One of the founders of the legendary Gainax Studio, and an early artist at Studio Ghibli, Anno's body of work has been foundational to the current anime universe. He is most famous for his work creating the series Neon Genesis Evangelion, a franchise he has extended to full length films a total of five times so far, with a sixth film breathlessly awaited by fanboys and fangirls worldwide. 

However, after the arduous and emotionally stressful task of doing the third Rebuild of Evangelion movie, Anno decided it was time for a change of pace. The offer from Toho to do a new Godzilla film was exactly what he wanted. He brought on his longtime collaborator Shinji Higuchi to design the special effects and direct special effects sequences, and we are now finally getting a peek at what Anno and Higuchi have been working on.

Godzilla has never looked or behaved quite the same as he does now. The red glowing scars on his massive body call to mind both the look of lava pouring down a mountain, and damage suffered by radiation victims (hibakusha) after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings. The movie, Shin Gojira, will be known as Godzilla Resurgence in English-speaking countries. Hang on tight. This trailer is one wild ride.