Yokohama Event Guarantees a Pikachu Catch!

Yokohama Event Guarantees a Pikachu Catch!

This Year's Pikachu Outbreak Event Helped Pokemon Fans Stay Cool.

by Michelle "Ms. Geek" Klein-Hass

Japanese summers are notorious for being hot and sticky. What better way to keep things cool than to organize an event where water and ice factor into almost everything? The Pokemon Company held their annual Pikachu Outbreak in Yokohama, featuring the most popular Pokemon character of all, and gave it a specifically nautical theme.

For example, here's a parade of raincoats. So why are they wearing raincoats? Check it out...

Most of the audience knew to come prepped for the big splashes, but for those who didn't, the organizers were more than happy to sell them dry Pokemon wearable SWAG, and even kindly provided changing rooms so that people could change into their newly-purchased dry gear.

In dryer events, the Pikachu showed off their boogie-down skills with some of their best moves. However, someone had better tell them that "Uptown Funk" and "Party Rock Anthem" are a bit played out by now.

There were other shows, including dancing aboard the Nippon Maru sailing ship with nattily-dressed Pikachu Sailors...

And even ICE SKATING Pikachu. Who knew they knew how to do that?

Of course, no Pikachu Outbreak would be complete without a parade. Once again, the streets of Yokohama were filled with Pikachu and other Pokemon. 

Filipino talk show star Jessica Soho was sent to cover the event for her show on TV Network GMA, and go on a Pokemon GO! Safari in other places in Japan as well. Even though this segment is in Tagalog, it's fairly easy to follow considering all the English loan words, and the fact that when Susumu Fukunaga of the Pokemon Company is interviewed, he is subtitled in English. We also meet up with cosplay star Alodia, who is now a huge Pokemon GO! fan, at the Pokemon Center Tokyo Store, where we get to drool over Pokemon SWAG we may or may not get to buy here Stateside. This is worth checking out.