Gudetama: A Lazy But Good Egg

Gudetama: A Lazy But Good Egg

by Michelle "Ms. Geek" Klein-Hass

One of the most popular characters ever created is arguably not even based on a living thing. It's a freshly cracked egg with no motivation and no get up and go. You'd think he'd be a big failure, but Gudetama has become a fan favorite. 

Most recently, Sanrio, the laboratory for all things cute and cuddly, licensed a pop-up maid cafe in Akihabara. Sanrio is working with @Home Cafe, a chain of Maid Cafes, to bring the relaxed (to say the least) egg to the geeky masses in that mecca of Otaku.

Here's a look at the special dishes that will be served with extra added "Moe Moe Kyun!" to the customers:

"Just let me sleep like this forever..." sandwich plate. Is that a fried chicken patty there under the cheese and bacon?

"Stressful society..." sauced Udon noodles. Udon ala carbonara, maybe?

"Japanese Culture" green tea purin custard

and finally "Listless" creme caramel purin.

This is not the first time that Gudetama has been featured as an incredible edible. Gudetama has been featured at pop up cafes in Osaka as well, and in this case being featured in egg dishes like...

This egg sandwich on what looks like a hot dog bun,

And a beautiful white curry with egg, veggie and bacon garnish that looks like a sunny side up egg, with the addition of saffron rice.

Gudetama, in spite of his laziness, hopped onto the Shin-Godzilla bandwagon just before the film was released. 

Is this Shin-Godzilla's first form, or Mothra as a caterpillar? In any event, Gudetama is not happy. The characters basically read "Shoo! You're bothering me."

However, the drawback of all this coolness is that this is all Japan-only fun. The Akihabara Gudetama Maid Cafe will be open until the end of February, so if you are planning to visit soon, you might still be able to check this out.

However, you can actually get in on the Gudetama fun by making your very own Gudetama Omurice! The Japanese pop culture recipe site Cafe Wisp gives all the instructions on how to make your own omelette on rice Charaben creation. You might want to substitute pre-cooked bacon for the ham in the fried rice because bacon seems to be associated with the character.