POP Comics® Showcase: Asagi (previously Old Ways of the Hidden)

POP Comics® Showcase: Asagi (previously Old Ways of the Hidden)

This week on POP Showcase we're highlighting Asagi (previously known as Old Ways of the Hidden) by Seyi Otukoya and Sergio Drumond.

How does one fight an enemy with no face to be seen or name to heard? On his journey Minato will learn to become no one. A boy who smiles when he means you harm, he wears only to shed emotions to suit his fancy. He will take on a new name to draw his enemies closer and walk in their shadows quietly. Learn to kill unseen in the night or day. Love stricken he betrays his purpose; how long will he be able to keep up his falsehoods. Caught between his lies and the truth.

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Update: Old Ways of the Hidden is being revamped! Now titled Asagi, you can read the new story (soon to be updated) here.

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