Reigning Samurai Cats and Dogs

Reigning Samurai Cats and Dogs

By Michelle "Ms. Geek" Klein-Hass

Samurai Age began their life making armor and helmets for Sake bottles, to be given out as special occasion gifts. However, they began getting requests for bigger items. "Can you make play Samurai armor for my kid?" 

"Can you make me a cool helmet I can wear rooting for my team?"

"Can you make armor for my cat?"

As you can see, the customer is always right. 

They now sell standardized cat armor sizes for cats, but will make armor to suit particularly itty bitty kitties or particularly large cats. And what if you have a dog? Especially a very handsome Shiba inu? 


They request tracings of your pet's body for dogs, but they have found that small dogs can wear standard cat sized armor. Each suit of armor is not only designed to look right on an animal, but they are based on the armor famous samurai throughout Japanese history wore on the battlefield. 

This hand-crafted armor is not cheap, but it's not eye-poppingly expensive either. The price hovers around $125 to $150 US. And of course, most conventions are not pet-friendly, so you might have a limited amount of places to show off your animal's armor. But if you have a pet that doesn't mind costumes, this might be the crowning jewel in your pet's cosplay collection.