San Diego, here we come!

Exciting news, manga fans! With San Diego Comic-Con less than a week away, we're excited to announce that we'll be sharing a booth with the lovely folks at iVerse Media! Look for us just behind the Marvel booth in the exhibit hall; we'll have FREE Manga Magazines and bookmarks, a selection of original manga titles, some of our older and hard to find releases, some exciting new titles and of course a generous helping of Disney Manga.

Looking for something to add to your schedule? Check out our panels!


7/22/17 (Sat) @ 6pm to 7pm
Room: 28DE

Examining the trends in an ever-evolving world of manga, TOKYOPOP looks at licenses in the U.S., Germany, China, Korea, and around the world from huge franchises like Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia to indie titles and original language series. Learn about manga's creation and development as Japanese comics continue to expand to a global audience.


7/23/17 (Sun) @ 4pm to 5pm
Room: 29AB

With the explosion in manga's popularity, parents have been rightfully concerned about child-friendly options. With series brought directly from Japan and original titles made in collaboration with Disney's team, TOKYOPOP aims to break down the misconception that all manga is inappropriate for little ones and wants to encourage young readers with this fun line of graphic novels.