Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!


2018 is the Year of the Dog, and Louie the TOKYOPOP Office Pup is here to wish you a happy new year! Dogs are represented on the Chinese zodiac as hardworking, loyal, honest and prudent, so it's a good year for getting things done.

Last year was an exciting one for TOKYOPOP, and we're even more excited about what's coming in 2018! We expanded our Disney Manga line, and introduced the debut manga from brand new creator Sophie-chan. And beginning at the start of 2018 is a super special initiative we'll be launching to celebrate diversity in manga and comics. Our POP Comics app continues to improve and grow thanks to users and fans like you, and we'll once again be taking part in Free Comic Book Day with our new manga set in The Nightmare Before Christmas world, Zero's Journey.

We thank you for your continued support and hope you'll join us on the next stage of our journey through 2018! 去年は大変お世話になりました。今年もよろしくお願いします!