Behold! Kyoto Animation’s Next Anime: Myriad Colors Phantom World


Sōichirō Hatano's Myriad Colors Phantom World (Musaigen no Phantom World) officially set for anime adaption as Kyoto Animation (Sound! Euphonium, Amagi Brilliant Park, Free!) develops it's slate of light novels. The title won an honorable mention in the novel category of the 2013 Kyoto Animation Awards. The studio gave the announcement the pseudo-Beyonce treatment last Friday tweeting this synopsis and key visual:


人間の脳機能に変異が生じた近未来。 人は幽霊や妖怪の類を認識できるようになり、それらを「ファントム」と呼ぶようになった―――。 ホセア学院の高校1年生、一条晴彦はファントムに対抗しうる特殊能力をもち 「五行の氣」で戦う先輩の川神舞、『ファントム・イーター』と呼ばれる能力をもつ和泉玲奈、 ファントムと孤独に戦う水無瀬小糸と共に苦しくも楽しい〈煩悩溢れる〉学園生活を送っていた。 そしてある事件をきっかけに彼らはこの世界の真実を知ってしまう―――。 《第四回京都アニメーション大賞小説部門奨励賞受賞作!!》 衒学的知識と残念な煩悩が世界を巻き込む学園ファンタジー開幕!!

“In the near future, a mutation has arisen in human brain function. People can now perceive a class of ghosts and apparitions which have become known as "phantoms".

Ichijou Haruhiko, a high school freshman at Hosea Academy with a special ability that can fight back against the phantoms -- together with his senior Kawakami Mai who fights using the "Spirit of the Five Elements", Izumi Reina who holds a power known as "Phantom Eater", and Minase Koito who fights phantoms in solitude -- led a painful and exciting school life full of worldly passions. Then, in the aftermath of a certain incident, he and his friends discover the truth behind this world.

Get ready for a school fantasy in which the world is dragged into esoteric knowledge and unfortunate worldly desires!” Fun Fact: The word translated as "worldly desires" is the Buddhist concept of klesha, which, apparently, can also be interpreted as "negative emotions", "mental afflictions", "passions", etc.

While the first and Myriad Colors Phantom World was published December 2013, I can't help but wonder if the novel has enough material for an entire season or if we can expect anime-original story and characters. At the very least as a Kyoto Animation production, we can be sure to expect a praised battle harem, great characters, and top-notch animation. All aboard the hype train, choo choo!