Gratitude from Stu


TOKYOPOP Fam: ありがとう  謝謝   谢谢  감사합니다  Danke  Gracias  Grazie  Merci   شكرا    תודה  शुक्रिया  ขอบคุณ    спасибо   Terima Kasih   Salamat    teşekkürler    Cảm ơn    ευχαριστίες

I know I’m only covering a few of the many languages in our wondrous world, but I wanted to take a moment to say THANKS to all of you - and your incredible cultures and nations.

I don’t typically take as much time as I should to appreciate the opportunities I have had during my life to see the world, meet so many kind and talented people, learn about such a diverse range of customs, and be inspired by it all.  It’s a true blessing that I do not take for granted.

For almost all of you I am your “senpai” - which means mainly that I’m older than you (it’s hard for even me to believe I’m, gulp, 47 years old!).  But it also means that hopefully I have something to pass down to you, some sort of insight or wisdom that I’ve gained in my life.  If that indeed is the case, and I have something of value I can pass down, it’s only because my life philosophy has been that of a sponge - to absorb.  I’ve always tried to take it all in - to learn and learn and learn, and never stop learning.  And, of course, to never stop being awestruck by what I’ve been fortunate to encounter.

There have been many mistakes I’ve made along the way - and sacrifices of various kinds.  Even a few regrets.  But so far the journey has been a non-stop roller-coaster ride of discovery.  And I know that won’t stop until the day I die.

So, this Thanksgiving weekend, I encourage all of you to look around your world as well - and to appreciate your journey, all its ups and downs.  Because as fellow human beings, the one thing we have in common is we are all traveling on this bullet train called life.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Much Love,


PS  here's a Thanksgiving pic with my nieces - they're so cute!!