Heisei Samurai vs Ebi Furai Fastball!


By Clay Bohle

The real-life fruit ninja is back! Isao Machii, the Iaijustu practitioner fondly known as ‘Heisei Samurai,’ or ‘Modern Samurai,’ holds five Guiness World Records for his incredible swordsman feats. He’s putting those skills on display for the world once again in a new SoftBank commercial, which features Isai Machii slicing various objects shot out of a fastball machine at speeds up to 93 miles per hour (150 kph), including a delicious looking fried shrimp!


‘Would you like some tartar sauce with your katana-flayed shrimp, sir?’ ‘Why, yes, I think I would. Actually, why don’t you oil down the blade with tartar sauce so I get a nice even coat of creamy goodness with each slice.’

The Heisei Samurai slices and dices the ebi as it travels through the air at an incredible 80 miles per hour (130 kph)! In the commercial, he also cuts through an orange flying at 50mph (80 kph), and a glowing red orb launched at a screaming 93 miles per hour (150 kph)! That’s one fast sword arm.


The video is a promotion for SoftBank’s speedy new Sharp Speed Platinum Band LTE service:


Isao Machii is an Iaijutsu proponent who resides in Kawanishi, Hyogo. In 2005, he created the Shushin-ryu Iaijutsu style. He teaches Iaijutsu at the “Shushin-kan” Iaido training venue and devotes himself to his studies every day with the aim of restoring the traditions of Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu. His Guinnes World Records include: “Most sword cuts to straw mats in three minutes,” “Fastest 1,000 martial arts (iaido) sword cuts,” “Fastest tennis ball cut by sword,” “Fastest BB pellet cut by sword,” and “Most martial arts sword cuts to one mat (Suegiri).” 
We imagine “Fastest Fried Shrimp cut by sword” will soon be added to that list.