Host our new Anime Review Show on TOKYOPOP TV!


TOKYOPOP TV has become a hub for Asian Pop Culture on YouTube with the latest trailers for Japanese movies and anime, motion comics, food shows, the America’s Greatest Otaku reality TV show, and much more!

Now we want to add another show to our channel’s repertoire - Anime Reviews - and we want YOU to be the host!

We believe the TOKYOPOP fan community is the best in the world! You’ve stuck with us through thick and thin — and you represent the best qualities of the otaku. That’s why we’re looking to this community to find the internet’s next authority on anime.

We are looking for someone who is funny, energetic, insightful in their reviews of anime, and can build a huge fan base with TOKYOPOP’s full promotional support. Basic video editing skills will be required.

If you believe you have what it takes to join TOKYOPOP TV as the host of our new Anime Review show, submit your own Anime Review Sample Video and enter our contest to find YouTube’s next big otaku star.

Here’s how it works:

From now until March 31st at 11:59 PM PT, we will be accepting video submissions.

Video submissions should be 5-8 mins in length, MP4 or MOV format, conducted in English, in which you review an anime series of your choice.

We are looking for spoiler-free, comprehensive reviews of the series as a whole, so please cover Story, Characters and Character Development, Art Style, Voice Acting, Sound, and Music. At the end of the review, please give the anime series a Final Score out of 10.

- Most importantly, have fun and let your personality shine!

Once you have shot and edited your video, submit it to us via Google Drive. To do this, upload your video to Google Drive and share with When you share the video, include a personal message introducing yourself, telling us which anime you are reviewing, and provide your contact details.

On April 1st, we will upload all of the video submissions to TOKYOPOP TV to begin the voting period. At the end of April, the Top 3 most viewed videos will be our Finalists.

The Finalists will then be interviewed by TOKYPOP Founder & CEO Stu Levy and the TOKYOPOP TV Team, and the Winner will be chosen in May.

The Winner will officially join the TOKYOPOP TV Team as the Host of the Anime Review Show!

As the Winning Host, what sort of PERKS can you expect?

You will receive access to FREE ANIME!

You will be paid per Anime Review Video. Getting paid to watching anime and telling the world what you think about it? Sounds like a dream job for any otaku!

Your videos will be promoted across all TOKYOPOP Social Media platforms, including Facebook and the weekly Newsletter!

As an official member of the TOKYOPOP TV Team, you will receive industry insider perks and access to special events!

If you want to become the Host of TOKYPOP TV’s new Anime Review Show, and the Internet’s next Anime Authority, get cracking on those videos! Remember, you have until March 31st, 11:59 PM PT to submit your video via Google Drive.

Best of Luck! - TOKYOPOP TV Team