Hot Spring + Hot Men = Hot DVD Night


Ladies, has there been a towel-clad, handsome man-sized hole in your heart when you're bathing? This Sunday could be your very last to bear such a burden, because the broadcasting station BS Japan, which brought you a summer of bathing boy beauties, is delivering in full with DVD's and books sure to steam up your sunglasses.

The godsend I speak is of course the hit summer TV show, “Men's Onsen.” Created with women in mind, the show follows a group of five ikemen (good-looking men) as they travel to various onsen hot springs and inns, complete with many a steamy scene in the bath.

Whether you're enjoying alone or throwing a girl's night, “Men's Onsen” is the perfect solution to all of your entertaining troubles. Simply pop in the DVD, bring a pot of water to a boil, and your friends will feel like VIP members in Japan's sexiest bath house.


Members of the cast include: Masahiro Kuranuki Actor; Age 32 Kura-san, as he is called, is part of the theatrical group TRASHMASTERS.

Takeru K-1 fighter; Age 24 The “bad boy” of the group with the charming smile, Takeru is a multi championship-winning pro kickboxer.

Yasuhiro Tanaka Actor; Age 28 Always cheerful and full of humor, Yasu is the mood-maker of the group.

Takahiro Kato Actor; Age 27 Taka is an actor and member of the dance group Dairakudakan, founded by famous Japanese actor and film director Akaji Maro.

Shota Oomori Part-time worker; Age 22 The youngest of the group, “Morisho” aspires to be a novelist.

So, is your credit card ready? Because you're just 10 days away (plus shipping) from the first full volume of an unforgettable bath house experience on DVD, for sale at Amazon Japan for 4,536 yen (US$37.20).

Or, if you’re more of a page-turner, you can get the 80 page photo collection for just 1,512 yen ($12.40), available online or at bookstores across Japan. If there was ever a time to switch to Amazon Prime, it's now.