Shojo manga password privacy campaign in Harajuku



TOKYOPOP Fam: In Japan, manga is used for all kinds of purposes besides just entertaining people.  I've seen manga used at government offices to explain taxes, at schools to teach, and on products and advertisements.

So, I thought it would be fun to give a glimpse into the "manga lifestyle" of Japan - a little flavor of how manga creeps into people's daily lives.

This is a shojo manga campaign created by the IPA ("Information Technology Promotion Agency Japan" or 独立行政法人 情報処理推進機構), a quasi-government agency that educates the public about IT and how to properly manage it.

The goal of this campaign is to educate the public, especially young people and smart phone users, about the risks associated with not properly securing one's passwords.  The huge billboards line up the train station at Harajuku, of course the neighborhood infamous as a fashion icon.



It's a kitschy, fun campaign with high quality art, but unfortunately I couldn't find out the artist's name (even after calling them up - supposedly it was handled by an agency and the identity of the illustrator is confidential).

Don't you wish our government agencies used manga - maybe we'd actually trust them a bit more :-)

Anyways, enjoy the video I took and the official slideshow where you can see all the images.  Also, the IPA made a few short films unrelated to the manga campaign and they're pretty amusing so I embedded one below (and linking here).



Video (This is also available on Facebook Video HERE.)

Short film