TOKYOPOP evolving


TOKYOPOP Fam: Happy Monday!

For those of you who read my blog, you know that I bounce all over the place. It's just a reflection of my personality - many things pique my interest. But generally I try to avoid discussing TOKYOPOP on my blog, usually leaving that to the TOKYOPOP website and social media.

However, I've been thinking a lot about TOKYOPOP lately so I might as well let you into my mind (a scary place to be!). In a nutshell, I'm really excited about rebuilding TOKYOPOP.

But "rebuilding" isn't the right word. It's a convenient word to describe the process we're going through now, but it's not entirely accurate. My goal is not to return to the TOKYOPOP of previous times; after all, what would be the point? The world has moved on, and our contributions at that time were for that world.

No, if TOKYOPOP is to mean anything in today's world, we have to contribute something relevant now. And I truly believe we can.

Sure, the odds are typically against comebacks. Bands that have passed their peaks; athletes who can't play like they could when they were younger; actors who can't open films anymore; brands and businesses that are no longer relevant -- all of these patterns are commonplace. But every now and then a true comeback occurs, whether it be John Travolta in Pulp Fiction; Tina Turner in the early 80's; Apple from almost bankruptcy to mega-brand; or even Marvel from actual bankruptcy to world domination.

I think we can do it.


And the key aspect of our strategy is to EVOLVE.

We must find content that others have overlooked - or have yet to discover. We have to be limber, quick and flexible. Of course we have to be visionary and a trail-blazer - that part should remain the same. Most importantly, we have to stand by our creative vision, and the talent we're partnering with.

You'll learn more about what we're doing starting this summer (and as we figure it out and dream it up!) but one thing I can promise - we won't sit still or lick our wounds. We'll get back in the ring and give it our all - and enjoy all the ups and downs that come with building, rebuilding and evolving a brand that means something to awesome people like you.

Thanks for sticking with us, keeping an open mind, and enjoying the ride!!



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