TOKYOPOP Luvs Halloween!



It's getting to be that time. It's Labor Day. However, in the stores, there's costumes and decorations and lots and lots of candy. Soon, in most places, the weather will be changing. It's that time we here at TOKYOPOP just's Halloween!

We have been rolling out some of our horror titles recently, but in September and October and even through November we will be bringing out the rest of our titles that either give you chills and goosebumps or make you laugh along with your scares. From the bleak, macabre landscapes of Dark Metro, Priest and Midnight Opera, to the hilarious horror of Van Von Hunter and I Luv Halloween, we will be bringing dark and delicious things to your eReader. Keep checking this post because as the scares (and laughs) unwind like so much mummy bandages we'll have links to more and more titles here!

Oh yeah, we have this movie we co-produced a couple of years's something we're kinda proud of...

Horror (and funny horror) ebooks: [carousel type=ebooks maxitems=20 cats=66 includesticky=0 hideviewmore=1] I Luv Halloween Merch [carousel type=merch maxitems=20 cats=49 includesticky=0 hideviewmore=1]