A live-action feature film co-production with China, this action-comedy combines the hottest young Asian and Western stars and talented creative team.

  • GENRE: Action/Comedy (Mixed Martial Arts)
  • COMPARABLE TO: Pitch Perfect + Karate Kid
  • FILMMAKER STYLE: Chao, Wright, Garant, Feig


Live-action feature film in the comedic tone of Animal House, Bring It On, and Pitch Perfect. Teen girl comedy with empowerment & heart – and of course hard-hitting MMA action!


Sun has dreamed her whole life about moving to America for college, just like her grandmother had done. Her martial arts training complete, she packs up her bags and leaves her life in China behind, excited to join the top martial arts sorority, Kappa Tae Bo. But on arrival, Sun finds the sorority house filled with nothing but losers. Can she turn the sorority’s lost legacy and slacker president Cassidy around in time to defeat rival blond bombshell Whitney and her band of Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha brats? A martial arts comedy with heart!