An intense, fast-paced thriller-noir, steeped in the authentic politically-charged history of the former German Democratic Republic as the Berlin Wall began to crumble.

  • GENRE: Thriller
  • COMPARABLE TO: Argo + Nikita
  • FILMMAKER STYLE: Tom Hooper, Wolfgang Becker


EAST BERLIN 1989. EMMA EIGER is a single mother transformed into a spy when her son is framed for murder. The Head of East German Intelligence, WERNER REINHARDT, finds Emma irresistible bait for his target: DAVID WILLIAMS, an American journalist who’s been inciting rebellion and igniting fears of a revolution among the East German Politicos. Reinhardt offers a trade: her son’s freedom for Williams. After a deadly betrayal, Emma turns double agent. Her act of vengeance, woven into historic events, brings about the fall of the Berlin Wall.