Life on Auradon is good for the Villain Kids, and they’ve moved past their wicked ways on the Isle of the Lost. Now surrounded by friends and with promising futures ahead of them, things look like they’re moving up for Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos!

The Interscholastic Auradon Fashion Contest is the biggest fashion event of the year and students across the United States of Auradon are buzzing with anticipation. No one is more excited than Evie, the VKs' resident fashionista and designer extraordinaire, who plans to win so she can help all the kids on the Isle of the Lost have a better chance at life! The other VKs roll up their sleeves to help their friend, but with another Auradon student competing for the top prize alongside her, will Evie be able to reach the top spot? And just how far are the other competitors prepared to go to win first place?

Adaptation: Jason Muell
Artist: Natsuki Minami
Trim size: 5"W x 7.5"H
Cover: Softcover
Interior: Color
Print volumes: 2
Digital volumes: 2